About Us


Auckland Pallet Company Limited was established in October 1985 before changing it’s name in February 2003 to Big Tuff Pallets Limited. From early beginnings with 6 staff and a small customer base, the company has grown to be one of the largest pallet manufacturers in New Zealand.

In May 2006 Big Tuff Pallets began the contract manufacturing of all pallets and timber goods for Pallet Products Limited, a pallet company based in Papakura, Auckland. This successful manufacturing arrangement resulted in the outright purchase of Pallet Products Ltd and the merger of the two companies in June 2008.

To compliment the pallet company, Big Tuff Sawmills was established on site. We are the only pallet company in New Zealand to have it’s own milling operation. The purpose built board mill was designed to supply timber for our pallet operation at competitive prices and to ensure supply when the timber market is tight. The mill processes logs into pallet components largely to accommodate our seasonal pallet requirement. The intention of setting up this purpose built sawmill was to reduce our reliance on outside timber suppliers during peak seasonal periods.

With Big Tuff Sawmills generating large volumes of residue product such as bark, chip and log edgings our grinding operation was set up to process residues from our sawmill and timber off cuts from our pallet company.

Our mulch operation currently supplies product for playgrounds, schools, motorway infrastructure, farming and stock requirements and the residential market.

The company actively promotes our Reduce Recycle Reuse philosophy as part of our sustainable wood packaging.

In October 2010 the company was rebranded under the Big Tuff Timber Products (BTTP) name that incorporated Big Tuff Pallets and Big Tuff Sawmills. The 100% privately owned company now employs 90 staff and operates 6 days per week with a permanent night shift operation.

Big Tuff Timber Products is an innovative timber packaging company that prides itself on quality, service and competitive prices.