Manufacturers and Suppliers of

  • Local pallets made to order.
  • Export pallets.
  • Crates, bins, caps and frames.
  • Seasonal pallet and packaging products for the fruit & produce sector.
  • Cut to length timber dunnage, components and repair boards.
  • Random packets of timber.
  • Recycled and remanufactured pallets.
  • Plywood, MDF and other sheet material.
  • Processed, gauged, chamfered and profiled timber products.
  • Timber garden stakes and farm fencing battens.
  • Export timber.
  • Fencing timber.
  • Playground, school and park mulch
  • Residential garden mulch
  • Coloured chip and mulch: Black, Brown, Red
  • Infrastructure road side mulch
  • Farm calf bedding
  • Wood shavings and saw dust
  • Bark
Services Available

  • Pallet repair service. Either on site at your location or at our facility.
  • Pallet management service.
  • Nail gun training for operators.
  • Pallet and bin cleaning and sanitizing service.
  • Timber waste removal.